Sokoltec Cat scratch board Sokoltec Cat scratch board

Sokoltec Cat scratch board

₽.1 478.72 ₽.739.36
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  • Происхождение: CN(происхождение)
  • торговая марка: SOKOLTEC
  • Материал: Дерево
  • Тип: кошки

  • Теги: ткань компьютера стула, ковшовая швабра для пола, кресло offic, стул вычислительный, стул компьютерная игра, ковшовая швабра, Викинг 9, аэрокуловый стул, кресло бюрократа, швабра для пола.

  • Отзывы (3)

    • Jee Jeerapon

      Классная когтеточка, выглядит качественно, пришла быстро))

    • 06smhyob

      The dimensions of the goods were not indicated! Came the claw quickly, beautiful, but! The size is such that it is suitable only for small little animals, even for kittens is small. I ordered 2 at once: a bear and a tiger, for 899 = 40 each. I wrote to the seller to return money for the goods that I, in this size, just do not need. He argued with me for a very long time, proving that the sizes on the site are indicated and refused to return the money, I sent violins from the site, I still argued! As a result, yesterday the money returned, for 1 item of 2, and not 899 = 40, A 889 = 40. A вторые-899 = 40-and did not return, although both claws were in one order, but two disputes were opened, for each, one dispute is closed, the second one is not. Total: I will not buy any more from this seller.

    • Maga Dag82

      Good beast

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